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The story of Mr. Davis Pickles is rooted in perseverance. I graduated in the summer of 2003 from Southern Arkansas University with a BS in Criminal Justice and a Minor in General Business. However, events changed lifeʼs direction, and I came back home to Blytheville, Arkansas. After a few jobs here and there, I ended up working for Head Start as a preschool teacher along with many other jobs within the agency.

I was out riding one day; frustrated, broke, lost, confused, and many other things that I can't explain. I happened to see an older lady carrying gallon size buckets from her house, watering her garden. I stopped my car and offered to help, and ended up being out there for several hours. That day, my
whole life changed.

Because I was now inspired to try gardening, I worked hard and eventually became a Master Gardener. In my first year as a Master Gardener I won Rookie of the Year, and in my third year, I won Project of the Year. With the help of two awesome individuals, we donated over a thousand hours of volunteer work in the Community Garden. Fruits and vegetables were given to The Haven, The Samaritan Ministry, The Mission, The Food Pantry and many other entities. Yet even after giving away and donating so many fruits and vegetables, I had an abundance of cucumbers left over. My mother had made a jar of pickles with some of the cucumbers that I gave her. I tasted them and instantly said, “I can do better than that!” Through trial and error I came up with a recipe that would shock the taste buds of hundreds of people that loved a quality pickle. After some buzz around town, Mr. Davis Pickles made it into local Hays and Gunn's Grocery stores. While I was pleased with this, I didnʼt know what was coming next.

In October of 2019, I received a call and a visit from the Health Department. They cited that I did not have the proper equipment and licenses to operate a pickle business out of my house, and I had to close down. However, it turned out to be a blessing. With the help of the County Judge I received a substantial grant from Economic Development that allowed me to obtain a building and acquire the proper license to operate a pickle manufacturing business.

On January 1, 2020, I walked away from my job of 13 years after being told I had to make a choice of working for myself or for them. Choosing to work for myself, despite all the obstacles I overcame, I opened my doors for business on May 1, 2020. Without the support of the loving woman who became my wife, I don't know if this would have happened. Thank you very much Tamaki Rena Davis!


To assure that all consumers of Mr Davis Pickles receive a homemade quality taste that can't be duplicated nor imitated,

and to encourage all to fulfill their life's mission whatever it may be.


To create a quality product that will be judged by the contents of its taste and by its character as the Best Pickle Ever.