Mandy G

Fast and professional service! I like both of these pickles but the flavor of the dill pickles are amazing! I’m not a fan of sweet pickles but the sour had just the right hint of sweetness! I will definitely buy again! Good job Dedric Davis!


Lenny C



Double cheeseburger wouldn't be the same without dem dills!!!!


LaToya M

One of my college buddies now grows and produces his own Pickle brand. You will start to see these pickles pop-up all over the US. If you can't wait to find them in the store, Hit him up on here and place your order to taste the greatest pickles.



Cant do my hamburger Swiss cheese melt without sum fresh crunchy Mr Davis dills on that rascal!!! #propercoverage made here in B'ville.


We bought some Mr. Davis Pickles. Kids loved them. We were going to take pictures with Mr. Davis, but our trip was cut short. We will have to get pictures in September. Go try some of these pickles!


Latrtoya J

Got my PICKLES!!! They were wrapped tight in that box! As you can see, they were opened in the car! I have been eating them ALL DAY, even during a Zoom conference!!! They are almost gone!


Kings B

Think I want some fish today..........

And Mr. Davis pickles are a must!!!


Warren H

I spoke with Mr. Davis on a Thursday evening, got the order squared away and shipped out on Friday out of state.
Got the package on Monday mid day.
The postal worker got to my front door and then just dropped the box.
Now mind you, it was clearly marked FRAGILE -- GLASS in multiple places all over the box.
Thankfully, the packaging and bubble wrap protection covering method used served it's purpose. Nothing was leaking nor loose and most importantly nothing broken.

And thennnnn, I cut them out and got my sample on of the Sweet & Spicy, the Dill and the Sour.

As Martin used to say OOOOH WOO WOO WOOO...
I'll be a patron as long as you got the inventory.

No salt too !!!.... If you like pickles, you better get you some.

Knowledgeable staff · Great selection · Fresh food

Jonathan M

The Best Pickles I’ve Ever Had. I’ll definitely be grabbing more!


Patton B

This kid and I love Mr. Davis pickles!! I’m ready to

try the spicy!

Love these, Dedric Davis,

take care my man..

Patton B

Mr. Davis & Mrs. ​Davis,

these sweet & spicy pickles are absolutely delicious!!!

(No worries, I got some for the kiddos too, but these are all mine).

Evelyn M

These are amazing! I love how they are cut

Super delicious Dedric Davis! Thank you so very much for taking the time to send them via mail. They were carefully packed. Great service and these are so ridiculously delicious!

If anyone is a pickle lover? these you must buy!